Fatigue Adrenal Burnout and Autonomic Nerve System Damage

Stage 1 is often acute stress induced by an accident or a situation.

Stage 2: ResistantWhen acute stress becomes chronic, you slowly start feeling a reduction in your energy of dealing with the stress. This often is a result of nutrition depletion that couldn't support the adrenal gland. Yet you have not given up, and still want to fight. The response to this stage of stress is impatience and lack of tolerance. You also may have anger over trivial things. You miss sleep schedule, and feel breaking down. Your relationships start to fall apart due to your impaired physical and mental behaviors.

These are the words that often describe you in this stage of stress: exhaustion, weariness, anxiousness, and being forgetful. You feel the need to smoke or drink at the end of the stressful day. You are sick more often, like sinus infections, yeast, cold, or flu.

Stage 3: ExhaustionWhen chronic stress burns you out, you don't even have the desire or the energy to do your work or manage daily life, you have reached the last stage of stress, exhaustion. This stage symbolizes a breakdown of your system and your basic physical existence itself. This leads to loss of mental equilibrium and extreme complications like blood issues, such as heart problems, circulation, and emotional issues.

Fatigue vs. Burnout

Fatigue starts at the second stage of stress, and burnout is a result of stage 3 of the stress. Burnout is fatigue that is not relieved by getting a few good nights sleep, as is the case with fatigue. Burnout is not just a sleep deficit, although that may be an aspect of the syndrome.

“Burnout is a deeper derangement of the body’s energy-producing system, of which fatigue is one symptom.“ said Dr. Wilson.

The healing strategy for Fatigue is to give your body what it needs, which includes nutrients for thyroid and adrenal glands, rest, and possibly parasite cleanse. This will take just a few months to an year to accomplish.

I have also written the nutrition needed adrenal gland (click for link to the article). In the beginning of the stress, these nutrients are very important for recovery from adrenal stress. Prolong the stress period will lead to adrenal fatigue, also called adrenal insufficiency, adrenal burnout, or adrenal exhaustion.

Adrenal Fatigue has the following symptoms from mild to extreme:fatiguedecreased tolerance to coldpoor circulationlow blood sugar level (hypoglycemia)low blood pressureallergiesapathy or depressionlow staminalow self-esteem due to low energy outputjoint aches and painslow levels of gastric hydrochloric acidtendency to constipationmuscle weaknessneed for excessive amounts of sleepfears, due to low energy and secondary copper toxicitylowered resistance to infectionsubnormal body temperature

The above are from Dr. Wilson.

The Severity of Adrenal Fatigue

Addison’s disease and other tumor-related adrenal issues - can be serious, yet is still just about toxins and nutritional insufficiency, a type of extremely low adrenal activity.

Adrenal insufficiency - mild, characterized by low cortisol levels.

Primary adrenal insufficiency - the problem is within the adrenal glands themselves. The root cause of the above is toxins and nutrition depletion.

Secondary adrenal insufficiency - the problem is outside the adrenal glands, such as other glands, and seems due to an autonomic nervous system imbalance.

In the rare cases of tumors, these can be primary (located in the adrenal glands) or secondary (located in the pituitary gland or elsewhere).

Cortisol reversal - mild, cortisol levels are low in the morning and high in the evening.

This is an autonomic nervous system imbalance that may be related to a phenomenon called sympathetic dominance.

Can be easily regulated by consuming fire element (including sunlight) at noon.

Adrenal burnout/adrenal insufficiency/adrenal exhaustion - moderate, is basically a mild form of Addison’s disease.

It is a low functioning or under-activity of the adrenal glands.

We believe that in most cases, it can be corrected using natural methods. We do not like using cortisone therapy or any bio-identical hormone therapy for this condition. Most often it is not needed and just slows true recovery of the adrenal glands.

In most cases, the cause is not a single shock to the system, as with Addison’s disease. Instead, it is usually a slow decline in adrenal activity due to nutritional deficiencies and the accumulation of toxic metals and chemicals in the body. As these causes are removed, the adrenal glands easily recover.

Unlike Addison’s disease, adrenal insufficiency or burnout is very, very common today, especially among adults. However, few physicians are prepared to diagnose it.

Adrenal Burnout Sympathetic Dominance - serious, there is damage to the autonomic nerve system that doesn’t put you in restoration mode even when you sleep. The following explains the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nerve system and adrenal activity.

If one uses nutritional balancing science for correction, it is not necessary to test for and distinguish among these conditions, in my experience. The reason is that a properly designed nutritional balancing program will correct all of them. ~ Dr. Wilson

Sympathetic Branch of the Autonomic Nerve System

Adrenal glands are innervated and stimulated by activity of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic or autonomic nervous system of the body. This is the part of our nervous system that activates when we must respond to threats to our life.

In the severe Burnout situation, a person who is over-utilizing his or her sympathetic nervous system. In simple terms, the person is pushing himself or herself, or worrying too much. a body starts to lose potassium, and the sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5.

The sodium and potassium readings on a hair tissue mineral analysis, and to some degree their ratio, have to do with the utilization of this branch of the autonomic or autonomic nervous system. We call this Sympathetic dominance patter in the HTMA.

The stress wave is the way the body responds to a stressor. Sympathetic dominance can occur when there is not enough recovery phase. In the beginning of the Adrenal Fatigue, people use this fight-or-flight system is normal, when it is overused chronically, it becomes exhausted. In other words, if one keeps on using the sympathetic system after exhaustion occurs, the sodium and potassium levels in the hair keep declining. In fact, the person is eliminating in the urine and sweat some sodium and potassium beyond what is ideal. This directly gives rise to the low levels. The pattern also has to do with the level of aldosterone in some instances, and it has to do with more complex mechanisms that come into play when the adrenal glands are very stressed, and depleted nutritionally. (from http://drlwilson.com/Articles/SYMPA... from Dr. Wilson)

The Paradigm of True Healing

The healing strategy for Burnout is very different from the one for just Fatigue. Many consultants or doctors may suggest to increase your hormones, or to take more supplements. You may take more bath, drink some wine, or watch some TV to relax. Those are not the right strategy at this time. Bath is very Yin, alcohol is stimulants, and blue light doesn’t help.

The true healing strategy is to take a step back, and rest. Since The fatigue in the third stage of stress cannot be recovered by rest or sleep, special protocols are needed. They will be explained below.

To successfully repair the damage to your autonomic nerve system may take months to years, and it is critical that you do the right things.

My Strategies for Burnout

First by identifying the causes of burnout and find a way out.

Excess stress. Demanding jobs. Hostile work environment. Dealing with negative people all day. Responsibilities to take care of others, at work or at home, such as caretakers of family members.

Nutrition deficiencies.

Multiple toxic metals and other metabolic imbalances. Poor elimination pathways. Eating seafood. Bad water.

Chronic diseases or other factors such as long-term environmental stress. Moldy house. Parasites. Pets. Toxic skincare. Detergents. Perfumes, scented candles, air freshers.

Stimulants. A lot of coffee to stay awake at work. Crash after work, having some beer, wine, MMJ, sleep with Wifi on, wall plugs have EMF waves, cell phone within 6 inches near your head, falling asleep in front of TV. Loud music. Bright lights.

Unhealthy response to stress. Worrying. Angry.

Congenital weak adrenals. Vaccine damages.

Type A personality. Trying too hard. Superman and Supermom. Work around the clock. Overwork, lack of rest, and a sense of responsibility that no one can do a better job than self, perhaps an attitude of driving oneself, being too hard on oneself, and perhaps a kind of cynicism, negativity and/or depression.

Healing Strategies for Burnout is to remove the causes and follow the strategy for Adrenal Burnout Sympathetic Dominance minus the supplements for healing brains and nerve system.

My strategy for Adrenal Burnout Sympathetic Dominance

(1) Scale back, do less, and eat real food for a while.

(2) Stop adrenal support supplements. If the nutrients are from food, such as vitamin B’s from nutritional yeast or pollen, are fine. Mega dose vitamin B from a jar, no. Real butter, real salt. You will still need the basic ones, like iodine (3 mg and not more) or kept 6 capsules/day, calcium from dark green, carrot juice, magnesium (200-400 mg, but not more), vitamin C from real food (no more than 1000 cc a day), and a few other things. You can have ginger, parsley, or turmeric in your tea, once a day, but not in supplement form for supplements are processed therefore more Yin than the food that is originally.

(3) Stop taking any more stimulants, including coffee, kombucha, caffeinated teas, vitamin B’s, stimulating herbs like ginger, turmeric, legal or illegal drugs, wine, beer, or adrenal hormones (prednisone or steroids). Scale back vitamin C from 2000 cc to 1000 cc. Scale back your iodine to less than 13 mg/day, or even less than 3 mg/day. If you are a fast oxidizer or have the 4-low (3-low) pattern, thyroid hormones are stimulants that are not good for your healing.

(4) Just rest is NOT enough anymore. You are a computer that has hit a blue screen,that needs rebooting. In plain English, you need to allow your autonomic nerve system to reprogram and restart.

How do you do that, reprogram the autonomic nerve system? Here are some ways and Yang therapies I suggest for healing Sympathetic Dominance Adrenal Burnout that have been working great for me and my teammates:

Basic good nutrition.

Yin/Yang balanced lifestyle.

Cupping, Chiropractic and Rolfing.

Toxic metal removal by eating the right foods.

Near infrared sauna

Specific nutrients to rebuild the brain and nervous system. More parasympathetic-oriented supplements.

Eliminate all stimulants as described earlier in this document.

Energy work on the lower 4 chakras to have them spin correctly

Vaginal Coffee Implant

Penis Coffee Implant

The Pushing Down Exercise

Foot reflexology and coffee enemas.

Hair Test Mineral Analysis and Other Stress Patterns

HTMA result tells me which stage of stress you have been facing, which corresponds to the correct healing strategy.

The following is from Dr. Wilson:Dr. Paul Eck realized that he could identify these stages with fair accuracy using a hair mineral analysis providing the hair sample is not washed at the laboratory. Knowing which stage of stress the body is in is most helpful to recommend diets, nutritional supplements and other procedures to gently and safely move the body to a healthier stage of stress. With a hair mineral analysis, this is done with mathematical accuracy.Dr. Eck's research on hair analysis was greatly assisted by incorporating the stress theory into the interpretation of the hair analysis. Knowing the stage of stress, one knows a lot about how a body is functioning. This allows one to move beyond symptoms and correct underlying body chemistry.Dr. Eck discovered the alarm stage of stress roughly correlates with fast oxidation. The resistance stage of stress roughly corresponds to a mixed oxidation pattern. It may also correlate with a fast oxidation pattern with a low sodium/potassium ratio. The exhaustion stage of stress roughly corresponds to a very slow oxidation rate.Mineral levels change in accord with the stage of stress. For instance, in the alarm stage, sodium rises. As the resistance stage begins, sodium begins to drop. It continues even lower in the exhaustion stage. One can determine the stage of stress with numerical accuracy from the tissue mineral levels and ratios.

Four-Low Pattern in Hair Analysis

Hair sample is best tested by Analytical Research Labs. Most other labs washed your hair sample sent to them using strong chemicals, which will affect the accuracy hugely.

Four-low Pattern and often applied to very slow oxidizers, or fast oxidizers that are becoming Yin.

Definition of Four-Low Pattern: A person is low in

1. Calcium

2. Magnesium

3. Sodium

4. Potassium

Analogies to Help Understand a Four-Low PatternA car that is spinning the wheels in a ditch and getting nowhere fast. A state of collapse. Out in the cold without shelter.


1. Lifestyle four lows. This type is due to overwork, lack of rest, and perhaps an attitude of driving oneself, being too hard on oneself, and perhaps a kind of cynicism, negativity and/or depression.

2. Toxic metal four lows, with nutrient depletion. This is the most common type of four lows. It is simply an exhaustion metabolic type caused mainly by multiple toxic metals and other metabolic imbalances that cumulatively result in this pattern.

3. Other. Four lows can be a type of end of life pattern for other reasons, perhaps associated with certain diseases or other factors.

What to do with Four-Low

Start with salt, less than 3 mg of iodine or 6 capsules of kelp, calcium, magnesium, boron, black sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds for zinc and copper, potassium-rich goods, natto for K2, super green for k1, cod liver oil, then Taurine, Tarragon (1 teaspoon daily), Dill weed (1/2 teaspoon daily), trimethylglycine, and perhaps lysine only.

Another Stressed-Out Pattern: Four-High in Hair Analysis

Four-high (or Three-high) Pattern could apply to slow, fast, or mixed oxidizers.

Definition of Four-High Pattern: A person is high in

1. Calcium

2. Magnesium

3. Sodium

4. Potassium

Analogies to Help Understand a Four-high Pattern Fight or Flight.Pressure cooker about to blow up."These are usually bright, middle-aged women, in my experience, age 40 or older. They are often somewhat depressed and angry underneath, and do not want to face the depressing feelings that often accompany a significantly slow oxidation rate." ~ Dr. Wilson I am giving my last best shot before I give up (on the edge of crashing.)


Toxic metals. Commonly this is the reason. Such as hidden or overt copper, aluminum, manganese, and/or iron toxicity. Other could be lead, cadmium or nickel toxicity.

Lifestyle stress.

Maybe diet high in carbohydrates, which may interfere with calcium, magnesium, and particularly zinc and contribute to the pattern.

Nutritional deficiencies. Iodine deficiency is an important one to maintain here.

Stilted, a psychological cause.

Prepare for Crash Landing

Reduce physical stress is number one if sodium/potassium ratio is greater than 2.5.

Nutritional balanced diet will be the key if sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5.

Dr. Wilson has two warnings: 1. Do not take thyroid hormones if a hair mineral test indicates fast oxidation.2. Do not take thyroid hormones if a hair mineral test indicates a four lows pattern.


The above info is from myself and Dr. Wilson,

Stress: http://www.drlwilson.com/ARTICLES/S...

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Adrenal Burnout: http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/a...

Sympathetic Dominance: http://drlwilson.com/Articles/SYMPA...

If you wish to know more about it, you can request to join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/301...

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