Everything hurts more then yesterday. Climbing stairs feel more of a struggle

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  • Aww, bless it heart! My prayers are with you. I pray God give you strength and grace to make it thru the day!!!

  • It gets easier as each day goes by. I had 3 months off to recover from a total knee replacement and it was hard getting back into work especially as I walk everywhere while I am there. It takes time but it does get better.

  • Hope it gets easier as your week goes along. "They" say regular activity helps (mind you I feel like punching some of "Them" in the nose some days!

  • Thanks guys , made it barely threw work yesterday .. think I might need a desk job

  • Is there any possible flexibility in your work days? 2 days on 1 off might help you cope better

  • I'm trying to do a flexible schedule ,I'm union ,so we are dispatched .. We ll see.. It will all work out..