Early this morning i was awakened by a popping in my left ear followed by a...

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  • Like children... I have a "tube" in my left ear. I am one of those "show and tells" at the ENT's office when they have student MD's. I am waiting to get the right ear done soon, pops when I have to fly. So glad you had it checked out right away, hope the pain subsides soon.

  • The pain went away this morning. The dr told me if i had not come in it could have turned into an infection. I have to make sure it doesn't get infected because he said that would put me at higher risk for a tube. I couldn't help but laugh thinking it is a children's procedure most if the time. I know others in the group have mentioned tubes in the ears.

  • I have almost finished three weeks on the regular mucinex twice a day as directed by the doc. Yesterday i began having a dry cough and now this morning the same ear that popped is sick feeling. I wish i knew if the cough yesterday and the ear this morning are related. I don't feel any different than my normal other than the dry throat and ear.