Doing better finally and wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day My present has been...

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  • Kathy, so glad to hear from you. I was wondering about you yesterday and how you are fairing with treatment? If you get to feeling good enough, give us a full update on how your doing.

  • Hi Kathy. Yeah you are back. Been thinking about you allot. You are blessed to have great friends that care. So it sound like Rituxan is helping with the pain and maybe you just need more time for the legs. How many infusions have you had and how many do you have left?

  • hiya,the rooms will be awesome when they are done.lucky you

  • So good to hear that your friends are creating that room for you. I tried to to respond last night but this computers giving me trouble when I try to send messages. Anyway that room will be a good thing !!! I hope the Rituximab does you good and you get relief !!! :-) <3

  • Hi Kathy hope you feeling better soon♥

  • Thanks everyone and I have to do it for 2 months once a week then he said it will get further apart as we go. # so far. He said it will take time to bring my count down though. Not really sure on what is making me do better since I just started, but glad that I am. Seems so many prayers have been answered lately..