Does anyones child have the inabillity to stay still even if sitting down they...

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  • This made me giggle. At the HMSA residential I had fidgets all around me!!

  • We built up my daughters core and she can finally sit still. She had week muscles, which caused all the wiggling.

  • My son's the same, even in his sleep. Xx

  • My daughters moving of hands and banging of feet drives me up the wall. I swear she has ants in her skin! The only time she's not moving is when she is having a day where the hypermobility has stopped her walking/crawling

  • Aw bless her

  • We carry an ADHD diagnosis , poor sleep due to Dysautonomia . POTS keeps my kids wiggling . If I stop them they faint.

  • My 6 year old son can't sit still just waiting for the report from OT to suggest ways to help him. X

  • Hi Cathy my son is 8 and we've been given a 'sit and move' pillow by physio and his school has ordered one for him. We were told he has wriggle and move about all the time for him to cope with his joints. It also helps to build his core muscles x

  • god how i wish my son could sit still or even sleep with out turning 360 in his bed. my daughter seems to be unable to sit still

  • Thanks all x