Does anyone know what the medical terminology would say on a skin biopsy to...

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  • I have HUVS and my biopsy stated "The differential diagnosis includes fixed drug eruption, viral exanthems, connective tissue diseases and urticaria. Early vasculitis." Other than that, I am not sure what info you're looking for per se. I would say a biopsy is for sure a helpful tool in aiding proper diagnoses and treatment.

  • mine specifically said LV.

  • Pamela, are you seeing a rheumatologist who specializes in vasculitis?

  • Ok thanks so much for the info. Mine says "differential diagnoses between urticaria and urticarial vasculitis" needed clinical & histological evaluation. But my dermatologist didnt even mention it! She told me in aug 2016 my "lymes test is negative."

    In dec 2016 as i got more & more sick, i read them myself amd mentioned that to her & she doesnt even acknowledge it still.: /

  • Thank you for the info! My biopsy is aug 2016 stated i needed clinical & histological evaluation for " differential diagnoses of urticaria & urticarial vasculitis " but derm tells me it normal and that my "lymes test was negative." what the... ??? Lol

  • I saw rheum who talked to my derm 1st. Rheum doesnt specialize in any particular area of rheum. Its wvu so most docs are residents still.

  • it took me a year after my biopsy with the vasculitis in there and a second opinion with an allergist, (besides all the other bazillion different docs I saw) before any mention of HUVS came out. It's so hard with this disease sometimes to get doctors to align with symptoms and results. results can vary. Find a great Rhuematologist to help manage this if you don't have one already.

  • I have "fired" many docs within my care. We have to be out biggest advocates! It's the practice of medicine afterall. :(

  • I would go to a doctor who has worked with or specializes in vasculitis. That's the only way that I was able to get an accurate diagnosis.

  • Ive been having a hard time finding one in WV! I am trying to get pre authorization from my insurance for Cleveland clinic in OH. Thank you so much!

  • What specialty is your doctor?

  • I just had loads and loads of blood tests which came back with high c1q antibodies pointing to huvs no biopsy as the hives funnily enough now a days pop up and disappear with in a few hours unlike 9 years ago when I was covered head to toe for a year I only went to the rumatolagist because I'm in so much pain in my body

  • I mentioned c1q antibodies named as a cause of huvs to both rheum and derm but both of them say there is no correlation! C1q alone lead to your diagnoses?

  • I see a dr in NYC (two an a half hour drive) who is a rheumatologist with lots of experinec with vsaculitis.

  • I hear you! I fought for 3 mnths to be tested for h pylori (my own research of connecting chronic urticaria & heartburn) before someone would test me and i was positive. I thought that was the end. But it has continued. ... Lol

  • i thought mine was the hives...turned out being scleroderma rash, along with Raynauds and Sjogrens. the blood work came back and diagnosed CREST Syndrome and now after 4 to 6 years diagnosed being sent to vascular

  • So one than 1 diagnosis?

  • Fyi... I confirmed w vasculitis foundation and immunologist and new dermatologist. Unanimous. Huvs is possible w NO complements and a very rare form anti c1q antibodies also. Finally a diagnoses after a year, huvs (anti c1q vasculitis)

  • Yes I was told to have huvs you have to have the rare c1q antibodies