Does anyone here use a service dog I am planning to train my next dog to at...

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  • I have a service dog that helps me a lot. Granted him and i are not certified yet and are still in training, he is amazing though and rarely have any issues when i have him with me or if i do, he alerts me quickly and i can cool off before i pass out.

  • I have a beautiful boxer as my service dog. However I would recommend going with the tried and true and getting a lab or standard poodle. I will be getting a standard poodle puppy on 2/16. It will take about 2 years to train him appropriately at which time I will retire my boxer.

    They really are helpful, mine is for mobility assist and retrieval, and lots of other tasks.

  • My main concerns are alerting to and lowering anxiety, carrying or picking up things for me, and possibly bracing if I'm having a rough day with balance and/or pain. Most of my issue is in my arm. I am blessed to not have severe symptoms currently but they tend to revert back over time and I want to be prepared. It will not be easy to train new tasks if it comes time to really need them.

  • I have a yellow lab. He knows when I'm having anxiety attacks and my pain levels are bad.

  • My service dog is an aussie which picked me as his handler. He is amazing dog and has had no training for alerting or anything. He lowers my anxiety and buffers for me.

  • I am leaning towards a working or herding breed but would consider a poodle. I know labs and goldens are good prospects but they aren't really my cup of tea as a breed to own. I just want to make sure I have a dog big and sturdy enough to be a help with mobility if needed. My current dog is a pit/border collie mix and was excellent, especially for anxiety.

  • You need to seek an intelligent breed to have most success ❤️

  • Absolutely!

  • We had an Australian Blue Heeler. She was our velcro dog, and I could see her being a service dog.

  • You can buy the appropriate vests and patches on line. I trained my own lab years ago after I had been assaulted. He was very well behaved and I was never questioned. In fact by law you are not allowed to be asked about your disability, only about what service the dog performs. Rules may have changed, but 15 years ago you did not have to have your dog certified in any way. Good Luck.

  • No they do not need to be certified. But I will train it to the standards of certification anyway. I was actually working towards being a service dog trainer before RSD decided to stop me.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz this is charli girl, an Australian farm dog in the top 4 most intelligent dogs in Australia.... They are bred to run up to 40-60km a day .... My girl charli sleeps on my bed at night so I have company through the hardest hours I'm a lone and will still lay by my side all day without a run in the yard if she can sense that's what I need. Without her my life wouldn't be.... She was gifted to me by my brother 16months ago as a companion and service dog & she is the reason I continue each day with this battle ❤️

  • She is my everything

  • Yes, that is good. It is not wise to be out with a dog that is not properly trained. My Chocolate Lab was a total goof ball, but when he had on his vest he was on duty

  • I have a German Shepherd puppy in training. She will be the right height for helping me get up and down steps and walking on uneven ground. She is only 11 weeks but we've already started training. She's a mommies girl so i hope this well work well..