Does anyone here get help through like home health services Do you have family...

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  • Coming out of rehab, I had some home health & home rehab.

    Currently, my family assist with driving, cleaning, and cooking is a family event.

    How do I feel about this? Restrained. Until last year, I was an overly independent person. Drive 24hrs straight, no problem.

    Clean, cook, work 12hr days, draw, garden.... no problem. I'd hurt afterwards, but I did it. Now I can't even bull through a simple dinner without someone cutting, dicing for me.

    It's humbling. That said a friend put it to me like this, "we want to help, why would you deny us the blessings of serving you?"

    Once my kids all leave, I'll have to rely on paid help.

  • I hear ya

  • My doctor finally approved that I needed help from home Healthcare after been hospitalized in January. Its take about 2wks for my service to start but I have some Family members that would help me. I'm comfortable with stranger helping me out too

  • I always feel that others deserve it more than me & I hate asking for help, but people who go into helping jobs, paid or volunteer, actually care about helping others. Maybe you can keep some things that only you will do so you don't feel bad?

  • I'm trying I'm at the point where I can't even walk down my stairs at my apartment. I'm out of breath and by time I reach my apartment or the outside door my legs feel like 5000 lbs each and I jus want to lay in my bed. Can't lift anything over 10 lbs or I can't move my arms without wanting to cut them off. (Lol) my ESD (emotional support dog) I feel so sorry for now I can't walk him or hang with him outside for a bit, he does potty break and back inside to lay down. Hate it...

  • Omg I know what you mean! I feel so guilty I can't take my boy out as often as he'd like. I send him off to puppy camp to play if I can't take him out for more than 4 days. He loves it & loves coming home to me as well. And he gets tired out playing so he's happy to snooze on the bed with me

    Think of getting help as giving you a chance to regain a bit of strength & hopefully dampen the pain a bit so you can take your dog out more.

  • He is as bad off as I am. He has double hip dysplasia diag at 8 months and he will be 6 on the 9th. steps kick his but also, he ready for bed as much as I am. He can't run, jump, etc. Finally got him on pain meds. But still at the end of the day I'm thinkful for him no matter what. Wish I could do doggy daycare but he wouldn't survive it for 10mins. He is very social but also very very laid back. Here is a pic of him. His name is Rock-A-Tard my 145lb German Shepherd. My heart my angel my savior.