does anyone have experience with scars left from purpura My main purpura has...

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  • i have scars, they have faded over the months but you can still see them. my dermatologist that i went to see said that they probably won't ever fully fade. thats just my case though.

  • per mio figlio, di 5 anni alle gambe, sono sparite ma in faccia (face) ci sono ancora mai andate via da 3 mesi month.

  • Hi katie i had scarring also took about 2 years before fully faded away i know it seems along time. Dont lose hope! I really hope this helps :)

  • My 16 yr old son who had it for 2 yrs and has been discharged (clear) for 7 mths, still gets bright bright red feet after his showers!!! I used to think he had it too hot but he doesn't, it's just how his body rolls now xx

  • I still have "scars" on one of my knees, they have been there for over 20 years

  • Bio-oil is amazing at reducing the scars ! you should apply it every night !

  • I am a scared up mess!!!