Does anyone have experience of maintaining a FT job I have always maintained a...

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  • I was so beaten down by the time I was diagnosed (took 10 years to get the diagnosis) that I was unable to work. Thought I was just going to be out of work for maybe a month and a half, but that turned into three months and then six months. Short-term disability ran out and my rheumy said she just couldn't clear me to go back to work--so she helped me to apply for disability. Luckily I got it on the first try. Four years later.....I have been in graduate school, and now I'm working on my thesis since I've finished coursework. I'm hoping to find work when all is said and done that is flexible, as others have mentioned. All of my previous jobs have been pretty strict 8-5 jobs, that also required extra hours on top of the scheduled ones--and my last job was very physical.

  • My employer supported me right up to the point when they decided they didn't want me no more, then used my health as a method to squeeze and pressure on me.

    Having to deal with that and A/S was hell.

    So put yourself and your health first, always do what's right for you, don't let an employer push you around.

  • Damn that sucks. I was an Executive Chef. I had to stop because of AS. 15 years later I'm very advanced and fused. In chronic pain. I wish you well, but AS is a lifetime problem. I would do anything to go back to work. Lord I miss it. Sorry I don't have any answers.

  • Sorry wish I could say yah but can't i even started my own business cus between bad days and doc apontmemts nobody would keep me or hire me and it was hard to the ego not to Munich man hood and toll it took on me and my family it sucks but still hope for a day I can get back on the show wish I could give u good news and say yes for me but everyone is different

  • I was where you all are twenty years at City government. I called 1 (855) 773-2727 Premier Disability

    Service. This group helped me apply for SS Disability. I was accepted with in three months. They were great. They helped me with the paper. If you are at the point give them a call to see if the can help u . A blessing for me. They only get paid if u get accepted it's a %age. The same as if you go through a lawyer.

  • Worked as an RN for years but now stay at home mommy

  • It's so difficult to make the decision that you really can't hold a job and file for disability! For me it felt like giving up some of my independence and self esteem.

    Also, I am on my own and had to sell just about everything to live while waiting for disability decision. Now I am homeless, and have been staying where ever I can.

    If you need to stop working try to make sure you have some of your bases covered before hand if you can. I kept working as long as possible because I knew it was going to be hard to get through the waiting period.

  • I have worked for the same co. for over 38 years. As I had more & more health issues with mobility, I was able to negotiate a later start/leave time & a shorter lunch break so that I am still full time staff.

  • Wonderful!

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