Does anyone have any experience with thoughts on using digestive enzymes

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  • I'd say do what makes you comfortable. If more water improves it, drink it. If it doesn't, don't. You're certainly drinking enough already.

    Stool problems are a part of automatic dysfunction. So are gastroparesis and dumping syndrome. They also can be the result of mast cell problems, which can come with EDS and POTS. It's all linked.

    I never had luck with anything over the counter except a little with yogurt. Just yogurt improved things marginally for me. I tried enzymes, tinctures, probiotics, and anything for stomachs. I'm glad something is working for you. My guts only respond to cromolyn any marked way. That's for mast cell problems.

  • I don't know if I have mast cell issues. How do you find out? I guess if the enzymes work it's a good thing. I'm also planning to try adding psyllium husk. How do you treat mast cell? Maybe that would help with my bowel issues.

  • Mast Cell is mainly treated with antihistamines, this may help to describe it.

  • Sonja Lacey thanks. A lot of these symptoms are EDS/POTS related anyway. How does one tell the difference between Mast Cell issues and just plain EDS and dysautonomia?

  • You are right it can be difficult, MCAD you would have more involvement of skin irritations and you will see a pattern of symptoms after exposure to foods or environmental exposures.

  • thanks. No major skin issues here. Lots of other issues tho

  • Sonja Lacey that's not necessarily so. I have MCAD with no pattern of exposure and reaction. It's generalized inflammation for me. It's always there. Nothing specific makes it flare up.

  • interesting. Is there a test?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz when was your last MRI to check for CCI? Also what is a typical meal plan for you daily?

  • What is CCI?

  • You'd need to see a doctor familiar with the issue. There are several tests to take.

  • I got one about 6 months ago. Why?

  • I don't really have a typical meal plan :-) Usually greek yogurt in the morning maybe with waffles or sometimes eggs with veggies. Anything goes for lunch and dinner (typical foods for a family with kids). I also eat fruit and cheese for snacks. I eat late at night too because I'm up late.

  • I've been trying to lose weight so I've been eating more veggies and fewer calories overall.

  • One thing I found out for those of us with chronic illnesses we don't eat like we normally would either do two were too tired, in pain etc. A lot of us like fiber you're supposed to get like 28 grams a day so for about a week and try adding in more fiber and see if that helps you would be amazed that it does I was having diarrhea like probably 5 - 12 times a day it was like Pavlov's response anything went my mouth I was running to the bathroom. I added a little bit more fiber not even the full amount some people need it I didn't and it fixed the diarrhea issues that I was having the constant issue with now I still have other gastro issues but I've had those all my life

  • Thanks. Psyllium husk? I have some capsules I was thinking of trying.

  • Have you tried Digestive Enzymes. They have made a big improvement for me.

  • Yes I'll take those but because I have to take doxycycline everyday it messes with those things so it's like a counter active measure but doesn't work like it would on a normal person because of the doxy cycline

  • oh ok :-(

  • Note that fiber helps with loose stools. I add psyllium to brown rice, cooked in double water. MCAS causes a ton of diarrhea, as Miryam Weisberg said.