Do you ever worry that people see you as a hypochondriac I have a hard time...

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  • Think people are ignorant to it. You have to suffer to understand really but if I was told a family member or friend of mine had a medical condition etc., I would research it so I could be supportive but that's just me, I care. What annoys me is to others you may look ok but they dont see what's inside

  • I get weird looks because of the way i walk. my left foot and knee lean in so diffcult to walk. but I'm to see a brace dr. on Dec 30th hopefully some type of brace can bring me left back to walking straiter. yes so many just don't or maybe they are plain ignorant toward lot of other people. just because we look okay they have no idea what type of pain someone is in. don't let them win just stay strong and just keep being you.

  • Some people just don't understand.. They don't want to. If I ever get told I have to I'm walking in there with my cane, and medical records to show how bad I am.

  • My Dr types out a paper for me, and I send it in.

  • I've done that for 3 years now...

  • Oh no how bad.hope you get treatment that helps.sounds like me so many health coditions.from oa lyme psoriasis pots lichen sclerosis lordosis spondulitis 6 thorasic vertibrae fracture chronic sinusitis bells pause. It sucks when no one believe you I've been called a hypercodriac for years then got lots of diagnoses even lyme

  • I sure do and especially to my husband. I worry that he is going to get sick of it, but he says he never does. He is a retired nurse.

  • I forgot I have hidradenitis suppurativa to...just had a flareup of it last week.

  • Get your doctor to write an exemption letter and send it to the jury service.They will excuse you from any more jury service..

  • I'm not worried, I've learned that the people who matter don't feel the need to judge me nor I them .

  • Oh no its bad hope it clears up quick

  • I have severe psoriatic arthritis and so many people have never heard of it and glaze over if I start to explain.... so just say its an auto immune disease similar to rheumatoid arthritis..... However, I dont bother to mention the other conditions I have as have found so many times they will say 'so and so had that, they ate moondust and were cured....I really can't be bothered with most people nowadays. I have a fairly short fuse especially when I'm in pain or struggling to get my feet and crutches working to get me from A to B