Do any of you get cellulitis in the affected rsd area I have rsd in my left...

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  • From what I've read about cellulitis, people are prone to getting it who have weak immune systems and poor circulation - which RSD causes both so I'd say your doc needs to read up on his facts.

  • I have had cellulitis several times... Not necessarily in the original site of injury, I am prone to it & been hospitalised & taken to theatre for surgery to clean out too. It can be very dangerous in fact fatal if not caught & treated properly.

  • Yes, it's awful and painful . I've had surgery a couple years ago to drain it. I'm on antibiotics now so hoping it will heal up soon. I have a broadway play tomorrow and then Monday is halloween with my kids! Thanks for the advice!

  • My problem is I'm allergic to the best suited antibiotics to treat this bactrim, sulphurs, so I need a cocktail of 4 others usually intravenously to address. I'm glad it sounds like you've got this under control & once you've had a couple of times at least know what to look out for & get onto it as quickly as you can. I always keep a supply of the oral antibiotics just in case to get a head start if I need to go to ER. It can creep up on you very quickly. Enjoy your Halloween

  • Thanks, you too! Last year when i had this and it got so bad, was because I was pregnant and I was not able to use antibiotic that I usually do. I keep antibiotics at home just incase anything happens to me with cellulitis. Hoping this time isn't like last time! It does creep up, la ssd the night I noticed swelling and within hours it was out of control red and seikk

  • Thanks. Yeah it did seem odd to me that I've gotten it only in my hand and foot that have rsd