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  • Under 25 yes. Over, no. But if you are on BVT group then your bees are free or low cost. Not really understanding.

  • Sorry, but you're singing to the choir. Are you using BVT? This is our focus here. All of us are Lyme drained broke I'm afraid.... good luck.

  • Lyndsay Nicole Flowers What part of NM do you live in? I JUST started BVT for lyme. Maybe we can chat. I live 20 minutes outside of ABQ.

  • Yeah I love my bees, so does my rn. She's

  • SF- yes FB msg me plz ♥️

  • Yes, I am 10 mos in.

    But as a Lyme RN + bvt supporter, she understands at times there's more that needs to be addressed. I was hoping for insight from here w/anyone who may have been thru similar

  • Just did. You may need to look in a different part of your messages since I am not your friend.

  • Under message requests?

  • She might be referring to timely blood tests to make sure your kidneys and liver are holding up?

  • Lyndsay, not sure exactly what you're looking for I guess. A llmd, money, general support. Many Lyme Literate practitioners will Skype appointments.

    Glad to hear you're stinging!

  • I've never seen a Lyme doctor, I was tested, Igenex, by my functional MD who I no longer see. My only treatment has been at The Hansa Center for Optimum Health which was amazing but we can not afford to keep sending me back at this time. So...... when I heard Ellie speak about BVT it was actually an easy decision for my husband & I.

    The worse thing about this disease is the time it takes from us. However, since starting BVT I feel my time is being better spent & I'm healing!!!

    I also thank God daily that I stuck it out & never took antibiotics!! I now feel BVT can be very effective since it has no other garbage to clear away!!

    I can only give you my experience which never included a traditional MD. Give BVT 2 years!!! I'm at 6 weeks & before even started committed to 2 years & that was not easy & took lots of prayers!!! However, BVT gets easier easier even when it's rough!!!!!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz do u know of any who do the Skype in Colorado?

  • I'm 10mos in. I love it & she's very informed about bvt & supports it but sometimes there needs to be care/evals & assessment from an md she said.

  • No. The point of Skype is they can be anywhere. I Skyped with a NH doctor. I know others that Skype out of the US. You will have to do some research I think.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz ok thx u I will!

  • Lindsay, I'm an RN and have been researching and helping my daughter through her Lyme treatments. We tried all the usual treatments including IV antibiotics, naturopaths with tons of supplements and tests, genetic testing, rife, etc, etc for several years with no improvement. She's now been doing bee venom for 10 months and has seen so much improvement. As an RN, I too had a hard time with feeling like things should be monitored just to make sure no harm was being done, especially when she had bad symptoms or it seemed like she was getting worse and not better. But when I looked back on all the $ we spent on tests just to confirm that, yah, she's really sick, we decided against it. I think if you follow the protocol, take the supplements and detox, detox, detox, the testing isn't really necessary. If I had money to blow, it would be nice to get tests done to see the improvement but we don't have that luxury. I would encourage you just to follow the protocol, take care of yourself the best you can and trust God for the rest. It's working for us.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz can u pm me?

  • Lyndsay Nicole Flowers , yes, I will

  • This is for 25 and under only.

  • I understand how expensive, lonely, and discouraging this disease can be. I am, and have been for a longtime, broke from this disease and all the other issues surrounding it. When I realized that most treatments, sold as "a cure" didn't work for me I became more and more hesitant to spend my few dollars on them. I only have health insurance with a high deductible, so even if/when doctors take my insurance I have to pay out of pocket...after I got used to tons of scary symptoms I quit going to the ER (only if a new serious symptom arises in the night and I can't make contact with friend or family or they urge me to go (I live alone) and I can't find info online).

    To save $ on supplements I look for the cheapest options with decent reviews and get mostly powders and then capsule them or mix with liquid and drink. I've tried making my own tinctures. Learning to ferment foods.

    The key reason for different medical care might be for disability purposes. I'm applying and make sure I have a few key appointments regularly to help in the need for supporting documents.

    I do know of people that have used GoFundMe with success (I haven't tried). I heard that there are a few other online sites for raising $ for medical.

  • Thx u for your kindness-

    I think there comes a time when a line that needs to be crossed, should. I guess in my case, that's where I'm at. I only would ever do bvt for my Lyme & possibly herbals if warranted, & I prefer a wholistic approach to anything, but that's the same ideology as my rn. So for her to urge me to seek out care that *typically* is opposite of what we both value, is concerning. Idk what she suspects, but bees can't tell me, unfortunately.