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  • You're welcome x

  • Since meeting Dr Jayne and his team, I have learnt an awful lot about HSP in adults and it can take several different courses, each person is different in their diagnosis and prognosis. My original diagnosis and hospitalisation was Oct 2009, but my HSP has remained active and Chronic....Sometimes, it is a 1 off affair and other times, it goes into remission and can flare. I have been told to anticipate a 5 year life span in my particular case before it eventually burns itself out, but I hasten to add that each individual differs! Hope this helps :-) x

  • Yeah my consultant says on average he sees people for about 6 years, he only deals with adults, he says the difference between the adult and child versions of disease can be a lot. Guess some people are luckier than others.

  • Party for Donna when it burns out!

  • WooHoo!!! Yes please ladies :-)... and for all of us! :-) x

  • when I have a flare up I really crave poached eggs and lots of vegetables !! I can't drink Lager anymore my legs really flare up ! and also when I wear high heels which I really don't understand !!

  • OMG - Addenbrookes is where I was treated in Cambridge - I was referred to Dr Ostor, he gave me some steriods and then boom - the rash was gone!

  • High heels and going out always made it worse for me too

  • I've just posted some information and am hoping if people get involved we can perhaps put some more stuff onto our web site when and if it ever gets finished. I dont know if it makes a difference but all the research does suggest that eating healthy food will help us all anyway so worth a look into.

  • It's always a good idea to eat a healthy diet regardless of what we are suffering - or not suffering with. Good food really does make you feel good and bad food makes you feel crap. Eating well just helps your body to cope with the onslaught of HSP.