Dear takas I m looking for the name of a great expert in Takayasu who I know...

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  • I think you may be talking about Professor Justin Mason. He's great

  • Email him. I wrote on a saturday he mailed me back 10 minutes later.

  • Thank you, Johanna and Lisa! I was looking exactly for him!! I will email him right now!

  • İs he rheu?

  • He saved my life. No doctor in sweden would help me. After contact with him they opened my sick leg 1 dm (blooodvessels)the swedish doktors!

  • I see him too. He's great. Good luck! :)

  • Yes, Roxanna! Professor of Vascular Rheumatology! ->

  • Thank you!

  • Many thanks.I read about him.He look like very experince of our TAK .I wish to have like this doc.I need him.

  • Professor Mason. Is amazing saved my daughters life. Email him ASAP.

  • Im glad for your daughters.I wish to go him

  • hey johanna sorry for just jumping into ur conversation, but i would like to know how did he help u? just curious

  • Swedish doctors said your life is over. I sat in weelchair, coudent walk, almost lost my leg. Mounth at hospital bloodvessels hospital. He said to swedish doctor to operate my leg. I emailed doctors al over the world. I m sick every were in body. My heart, trought, both leg, smal leg, both kidney, stumick, feet, toes. Im sick every were. My arms is well the only thing in my body. My doctor said im the worst case ever..

  • And my head is well also!!

  • I have apointment with him next Monday! Really happy!!!!