Day 9 the prednisone finally kicked in and she s in her happy place playing...

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  • Yahoo!!!! Enjoy the gift of today - hopefully it lasts!

  • How many mgs

  • She's on 20mg of Mtx. And 250mg x2 naproxen. During a flare she goes on 25mg until the flare is over... Averages 8 days. Sometimes they titrate her down over 3 week period. Other times ( Like this one) as long as its under 2 weeks they said she can stop cold turkey.

    Problem is that she's been on steroids most of the summer bc as soon as she comes off- it flares. We go back Thursday to come up with a plan ( I'm thinking biologics) bc high doses of steroids full time on top the other drugs is not an option... :(

  • What are the side affects of steroids.

  • Amen, enjoy the GREAT DAYS

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, I sent you a PM

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz it's probably time for the biologic route... Best wishes Hun:(. Hoping she gets real relief soon!

  • Yay!!! Your pic looks like somewhere in Texas :)

  • Praying for her.

  • Monique Nicole- the side effects of steroids can vary from person to person and also the doses, and length of time... Bone issues, weight gain, sleep and emotional issues...adrenal issues too name a few. There are numerous articles on Pub Med.

  • She is actually way North of there!:)

  • Yep like Canada North ;)

  • Thank you Kerri. Bless you!

  • Oh wow!!