Curious if anyone out there has tried rituxan My doctor has suggested I try...

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  • Did 4 weeks of rituxin in august. . ..was very tired and worn out. Did not have any major reaction. Took a little bit, but my platelets are 200,000 and stable. My hair thinned a bit and I have residual joint pain. Worth it for me to get out of that Rollercoaster of ivig every 2 weeks.

  • I did Rituxan last year. First dose was a long one as they had to watch me closely. Was very fatigued afterward. Then had 3 more doses that were smoother. But each time fatigue hit me afterward. The medication worked for me, though, as I'm currently in remission. Don't see hematologist until February. Good luck to you and hope it works for you! Platelets up!!

  • Had reaction first infusion that required they administer a dose of antihistamine, but otherwise it was easy. I have always had extreme fatigue with my ITP, didn't notice any increase. Go for it!

  • Pretty common now

  • It is quite commonly used for ITP, usually if steroids (prednisone) and IVIG have proved unsuccessful

  • My new hematologist is also considering it for me, too. She also spoke about possible IUD to help with my menstrual cycles. I'm waiting semi-patiently to get the appointment set up for my genetic blood set of tests started for my Congential ITP. So we'll see.

  • Fatigue, endurance level, energy, ... however one wants to phrase it, it is something that I have always had to push my way through and then suffer later. That is one of the reasons why I am seeking a better, more detailed, and more fitting dx. and am open to trying the R... treatment.

  • I'm interested in genetic testing. Can you share more details about specific test names? For example, will the test be limited to a specific gene or to a specific chromosome?

  • I will let ya know more, as I learn more. Please do the same.

  • Yes but didn't work for me

  • Many post of good results and even repeating after remission fades...

  • My son Now 11 has been fighting for 4 years now, Could not keep him above 10,000 even with IVIG, steriods and promacta. Our Dr.Suggested this but I was also afraid of the side effects.... We chose to do Nplate shots and cell Cept and it has keep him above 50,000 for weeks.. Last week he was 133,000 I really think that everyone is different with Treatments. I prayed and listened to mu gut feeling and happy that we did