Curious how many of you get small sores ulcers on the skin not mucous...

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  • There's a medicine over the counter they call honey med it clears them up

  • is it manuka honey based?

  • I'm not sure

  • I got a tiny one behind my left ear this year. Lasted 3 months despite a variety of treatments. Only sealed up after doc stitched it, after biopsy. Biopsy results said it was not Vasculitis. But I had had a similar issue behind that same ear two other times within the past 3-4 years. This time it would not go away.

  • These need to be carefully tended. If they are deep, they need packing. They should be checked frequently

  • I do!

  • There's a product called Medihoney. I used it on a sore, and it healed it quickly. You can get it online. It works even better than colloidal silver (which most hospitals use on pressure sores).

  • Mine aren't deep. Just surface level, and less than 1/4 inch in diameter, some WAY less in diameter than that. But surface level, like someone would get form scratching a place that itches and then it starts that...only i dont scratch them for them to start bleeding.

  • Glad for this post, I'm going to try that honey med. I tried ozoned olive oil but it smells horrible. Kinda worked until I couldn't take the smell any longer.

  • Yes vasculitic ulcers last 4-5 years non healing . This pic was a while ago but still not healed .

  • I have used the honey and it made no difference the only thing we have had any success with is a simple sterile wound gel and an antibacterial dressing and no adhesives any where near them . They are from the vasculitis so generally wont heal until vasculitis is controlled . Humira helped a small amount but im on rituxan now to try and stall it . These ulcers are different from ither ulcers as they are uncharacteristically painful which many ulcers arent . Biopsies of the ulcer should identify if it is vasculitis .

  • do they ever look just like a red raised sore that isnt open/ulcerated? Most of mine are scabbed over tht never quite heals (or takes a long time to) but one popped up under my right eye, like by my cheekbone...its red, it hurts, it's not a zit, but its not scabbed or open. Just red and sore. I was sneezing up a storm on Thursday with an unexplained fever and nausea, and then Fridya all of that was gone but all these new sores popped up. *sigh*. Hopefully I should be getting tested soon. Think I found a doctor and got that all sorted.