Crap I put 1 drop of bee bait swarm lure in my bee hut since my pheromone...

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  • Probably better Idea to wait til next sting day as the timing of the venom and the way your body cycles it are specific

  • Don't sting of it's not a sting day! Bees die. It just happens. No big deal. Btw, pheromone sticks are dry, there shouldn't be any liquid in them. Chances are if you bought your bee house within the last year it is just fine.

  • Can you sting with a dead bee?

  • Yes

  • You can certainly try. I've been able to get 1/10 dead bees to sting. Others have better luck.

  • The phermone is good for about 2 yrs/

  • Are there pheromones in the beezza hut?