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Some broken rules may be forgiven, if the person is active, new or if the rule(s) broken are not anything severe. Other rules cannot be forgiven and the person will be banned immediately, without warning or explanation. If you continue to break rules and have to be tagged repeatedly, you will eventually be banned. If you are TAGGED to the PINNED RULES, along with a short explanation of the rule(s) you have broken, that means you have been given a chance to remedy the situation. This needs to be done ASAP. If this happens, you will be told which rule(s) you have broken, next to your name and be asked to READ/REREAD the PINNED RULES. We would appreciate acknowledgement (LIKE and/or RESPONSE on the PINNED RULES thread) that you have understood that a rule(s) was broken and you will need to sign again, letting us know you have read/reread the rule(s) and that you understand. This is a courtesy to you. We do not have to give second chances for breaking rules that are pinned to the top of the wall 24/7 since the start. For those who are not familiar with the term "tagged" this means if we post your names in the rules and Facebook gives to you a notification/alert.

[EXAMPLE: Jane Doe, please review the rules and sign this thread. (No SHARING things from the group wall.)]


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If you are unsure about what can be posted on the group wall and it is not located in the rules, please contact an admin prior to posting it on the wall. We do not appreciate you posting it and then making a notation for us to remove it if it is not allowed. It is your responsibility to read the rules, or to ask before posting. If we see notations on a thread telling us to remove it if it is not allowed, it will be removed, along with the poster. Thank you in advance for being courteous and not doing this.


If you are caught asking for personal information on the group wall, such as home/business addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, passwords, full names, or any other information that can be used to promote sales for yourself, stalk, harass, harm, track down, spam, get into bank accounts, steal someone's accounts, or identity, etc, you will be banned. If you are caught asking random people for their personal information inbox and they report you to us, you will be banned. We may also report you to Facebook and/or your local Law Enforcement agency, if we feel you are a threat to our members. This rule is for people who are asking the entire group for personal information, or messaging random people from the group and asking for personal information. This is not for people who have made friends and want to share with each other. Please be careful when sharing any identifiable information with people online. Not everyone is who they appear to be and it is easy for people all over the world to post fake photos and names and pretend to be someone else, in order to run scams on you. Please exercise common sense and caution for yourself and your family.


Do not do it! This is a support group for persons with physical and mental health issues, not a place to be asking for help with these things. We cannot help you with this, so do not ask for people to submit photos, personal information for projects for any reason. We also cannot help you with business ventures, journals, essays, projects, websites, etc. People come here for support and not to be exploited. Raising awareness is is a touchy subject, if you are wanting personal information and photographs from our members. Butterflies, beware of these requests and report any that go unnoticed, or land in your inboxes, randomly from people in this group.


Do not post things from websites/pages that are not for people of all skin colours, or that specify the website/page is for a certain race. This segregates the group members. We do not need to be divided in here. If the photo you post has been signed with "black" this or "white" that, then it is not welcome here. I know this is not always intentional, but it is a matter of manners. Please think about other people's feelings, before sharing from segregated websites/pages, or posting things from them that clearly state they are a black/white organisation or group. It makes people who are not the stated skin colour feel very uncomfortable. This should be common sense and it is considered racist when posted in this group, since it excludes others. Having pride for your race outside the group is your right and freedom, but in here we are all brothers and sisters who are struggling and suffering with disease. Equals.


Do not share photos/graphics, text, etc., directly from the wall - ever. This is a PRIVATE group. Anything posted in this group should be safe and protected in this group. If you share directly from the group, it shares the name of the person who posted it, along with any text they put at the top. This violates their right to privacy. If you see a photo/graphic, or link you wish to share and it is from an outside web page, click on it and share it directly from that web page. This is allowed, because it does not belong to the poster, as they have shared it from an outside source that is public and free for all to share. But you have to click it and get to the outside source before sharing. If it is not attached to a web page and it does not belong to the poster, make a copy of it and save it to your documents, then you can put it wherever you like. If it belongs to the poster, you need to ask their permission, before taking it, then copy it to your documents. Sharing photos of people's pets and family is not acceptable. Sharing photos of people's children is not acceptable. Sharing graphics that have text attached to it, meant only for the group is not acceptable. ASK first. Just because it is here, does not give to you the right to take it. Please have respect and courtesy for others. Sharing directly from our groups, for any reason, will get you banned immediately. Once you are banned whatever you have shared will drop off of wherever you shared it from, so you get nothing in the end for breaking the rules. Butterflies, please report this if it happens to you and the person will be banned. This is totally unacceptable. Use common sense please! If you have any questions about this, ASK AN ADMIN before taking action.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: **We have found out through some research and testing, that if someone shares things from a closed/secret group wall directly, the only people who can see it on their wall are the members of the closed/secret groups they have shared it from. There is no longer a need for concern in this matter regarding privacy. It is, however, a concern that everyone exercises respect toward others. We are still asking that people do not do this, because not everyone realises that it is not being shared with people out of the group. it upsets a load of people and it is not necessary since no one except group members can see it. You will be warned through a "tag" to the pinned rules to "unshare" and then banned if you do not comply within a reasonable amount of time. If you make a habit of breaking this rule you will be banned from the group permanently.**


Do not spread gossip, or start rumours about anyone on our group wall. If someone is being a pain in another group and you have realised that they are a member of one, or more of our groups, feel free to inbox one, or more of our admins and we will keep an eye on them. Do not call them out on our group wall. This causes unnecessary stress for the other Butterflies, as well as our group admins. If you have proof that someone is making a mess in another group, or harassing you inbox, or wherever, you can send to us screen captures inbox and we will decide if they should be banned from our groups/pages. If someone from your friend list is bothering you, feel free to warn us and we will do all we can to protect you, but do not post this person's name on the group wall. If we have a true predator attacking people and we feel we need to warn the members of our groups/pages, please allow one of our admins to do this. Failure to follow these simple rules will result in you being banned.


Do not ask people to sell to you, or give to you their prescription medications. Do not offer to sell to anyone, or give to anyone your prescription medications. Do not ask people to discuss their illegal drug use. DO not discuss your illegal drug use. This is illegal and unacceptable. Even if you are acting like you are "joking" about it, you will be banned. We feel bad for people who cannot get all of the medications they need, but you cannot try to access them illegally on our wall. If you are having a problem with prescription medication access due to, high tolerance, or addiction and are using your medications up before your next refill, you need to speak with your doctor about increasing your dose, or contact an addiction counselor. We cannot help you with this in here, except to offer emotional support and advice. Please do not put others in the family at risk of getting into trouble for illegal actions on your behalf. This is very selfish. Butterflies, do not offer to give your supply of medicine to others, as you can be prosecuted for this. It is a crime. If someone is asking, or hinting for any medications, please report it to one of us. Anyone caught trying to buy, sell, trade, or give away medicine in the group will be banned.


Do not advertise for cures for incurable diseases, or disorders. No links, suggestions, hints, or otherwise misleading information to gain followers, or profit from sick people who are desperate for a cure. This is cruel and you will be banned and bad karma will follow you. Do not tell people there are cures for Lupus, or other diseases that there are no cures for. We use the term "treatment," not "cure," to describe remission as well.


Do not discuss anything illegal in this group. This includes your illegal actions, or illegal drug use. This also includes illegal MJ photos, or funny graphics. We do not want to know about it, or see it. If you're using drugs illegally, please refrain from posting about it. This includes MJ discussions. If it is not legal for you to be using it, refrain from sharing this on the group wall. This does not include discussions about usage of MMJ by persons licensed/authorized to use it, or persons not using it asking questions about it. I think you understand what I mean. Illegal threads/posts will be deleted and you will be banned. Use common sense please.


Absolutely no talk of any gangs, or any gang affiliation is allowed in this group. Nothing at all gang related. This includes street gangs, political gangs, political parties, racist clans/klans, anti law enforcement, anti military, etc.. Keep it to yourself. None of it is allowed in here. You will be banned. We also have rules not to post anything political, racial, or illegal. These rules are for all people, equally, white, black, etc..


Posting photos of yourself, family, friends and pets is allowed and enjoyed by our Butterflies. Also posting photos or links to brighten someone's day, to bring giggles, or even those lovely photos of that massive sore on your ass, those are also allowed. We share most things in our groups. Please limit photos to 2 per day, per person/per family, unless they are in an album, or all grouped together on a thread. This is providing people do not comment on each one and bring several of them out of the albums/thread and spam the wall. If someone comments on a photo in an album it brings it to the wall and News Feed again and if you, or other people are commenting on 20 photos you have uploaded, this will become a spam problem. If the photos and graphics begin to spam the wall, they will be placed in HIDDEN mode. When they are "hidden" from the wall they will still remain in everyone's News Feed until each person's Feed spams them off. They will also be available if you "search" the group and brought back onto the wall if someone comments on them again. We do not "hide" photos that are asking for help for rashes and what not unless they are too graphic and have been at the higher points on the wall for a long time. We are referring to family photos, birthday bashes, graphics from the web and other similar things that are spamming the medical photos too far down the wall. First and foremost the importance of the group is to support and help people. If people are posting birthday photos, web graphics and other things that are not needing immediate attention and someone else has a thread about a severe rash and that rash photo is getting spammed down and going unanswered, we will "hide" the others to give to the person who is suffering a higher position on the wall. Please be courteous.


If you are needing to share photos that are of a particularly graphic nature, please post them in the "comments" section of your own thread singly and not as your main photo/photos. You may have to post a time or two to close the thread box so they are not showing when people scroll down the wall. We are referring to blood, deep open wounds, gore, etc.. If your insides are spilling out, or if you are overly infected with pus oozing, please put these photos in the comments section of your thread and warn people at the top of your thread that the contents contains extremely graphic, sensitive material that may likely upset some people. If it looks like it belongs in an operating room, please remember, we are not all used to viewing that sort of thing and do not wish to see it. Some of us are waking up, logging on and viewing frightening and shocking images. This is happening more often lately, so we needed to bring it to your attention. We share most things in here, within reason, but we do not want to offend, or upset people with sensitive tummies. Please use your best judgement when posting these things. Some are simply not allowed anywhere, if they are too offensive. If we receive numerous complaints we will remove things from the wall. This is not an issue of being banned, rather asking people to be more cautious when posting medical photos. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Graphic photos attached to the top of threads will be removed without warning, which in some cases may remove the thread by default. And remember, we never allow nudity of any sort, or showing your bits for any reason.


If you wish to announce your special day that is fine, but please only one thread per special day. Please do not come back the next day and post another thread thanking everyone for the happy wishes on the thread the day before and spark it all up again. These threads clutter the wall and push down threads, that are discussing important medical, or emotional issues that need our attention. Please do not be selfish. We understand that these things are important to some of you, but do not over do it. This is a support group and we need to support those Butterflies that need our help.


No surveys for projects, interviews for books, articles, or any other form of exploitation is allowed in this group. Feel free to observe and learn and if you share knowledge, do not share any of our names, or any of our identifiable, personal information for public view. You do not have our permission for that and we will pursue you in a court of law. We are not here to help you with this. We are sick people in a support group. Raising awareness is wonderful, but you need to do it in an appropriate manner and in a place that allows it, with people who have given their written permission. Do not ask to interview our Butterflies.


Do not ask for everyone in the group to add you to their friend list. This is very shady and usually results in the person asking trying to sell, or have the new "friends" join something. If this is seen on our wall you will be banned and reported to FB. Do not ask random Butterflies to inbox you for information on products you are selling, or services you are offering. This circumvents advertising rules. Do not take advantage of people who are ill and trusting. Many friendships grow naturally in here, please do not be taken in by vultures looking to profit from your illnesses Butterflies. Please report any suspicious activity.


Predators come in all shapes and sizes. Not all predators are going to seem like predators. On the contrary, most will be kind, supportive and compassionate. If they are going behind our backs and trying to drag you into groups, sending strange inboxes that make you uncomfortable, or anything else creepy, or just "not right," please let us know. They will be banned and their local Law Enforcement agency will be contacted. Trust your GUT. This is the internet.


Links to personal blogs, vlogs, pages, groups, chat rooms, or websites, etc., are not allowed without permission, whether they're your personal links, or not. They need to be approved. No surveys, petitions, contests, raffles, event invites, asking people to vote for you, or someone else. This also promotes threat of viruses with links we are not familiar with. Do not post your e-mail address, or ask people to friend you for solicitation purposes. This is a support group, not a gateway to other places, or a marketplace. We are not here to promote personal websites, or help you sell your merchandise. If anyone sees someone spamming, or advertising, please let one, or two of us know via inbox. This is your safe place, your family. Let us keep it free of spam, ads and other undesirable things. We do not want anyone being pressured into donating, purchasing or joining stuff. If you're caught circumventing the rules you will be banned. No blocking Managers or Admins. You cannot fly under the radar in this group. Find your own advertising methods. This is a support group. Circumventing rules is also prohibited. Please do not insult our intelligence. Posting articles, or graphics directly from your page is circumventing rules, when it is done in excess. Do not mistake our kindness and patience for ignorance.


Below is a list of the ONLY approvals we have given for posting ads.

✔[1]Lizz Rose has permission to advertise her Lupus, Pregnancy & Motherhood Group.

✔[2]HollysKnitting Page has permission to advertise.

✔[3]Gladys Marie has permission to share her Lupie, youtube videos.

✔[4]April Adams Maynard has permission to share her Lupie, youtube videos.

✔[5]Sholya Design has permission to advertise.



You must keep some sort of profile photo at all times. Not the default FB profile photo. It can be any photo, such as your face, a butterfly, your pet, text, your kids, scenery, etc. Nothing sexual, racist, or illegal. We no longer allow people in who hide their photos, or do not have a photo. It is creepy and we share a load of personal things in here. Do us the courtesy of having some sort of photo. If your profile photo disappears once you are allowed in, you will be removed, without warning and allowed back in when you sort it out. No exceptions.


Etiquette - Please exercise modesty when posting photos. This is in reference to body photos. Of course, as you all know, we share photos of some things that happens with our bodies, such as rashes, sores, bruises, etc.. It is okay to share these things. However, we ask that you please do not show any full body photos, where the majority of your body is nude. No bums, boobs, or bits can be showing. These photos cannot show your body shape without clothing, even if some parts are blacked out. Please crop your photos to avoid showing too much skin. There are children, including teenage boys and men in the group. Also, others that simply do not wish to see you naked. Please exercise some modesty. Offending photos will be removed. Repeat offenses will result in you being removed from the group.


Please refrain from posting political stuff on the wall, or links to debatable current events (News articles that are political, racial, or otherwise, having sides that can be taken and possibly sparking debates.) that do not pertain to us. Health/news articles pertaining to us, or being useful to us are allowed. (Including, but not limited to Web MD, Mayo Clinic, etc..) No bashing of Military Persons, or Law Enforcement will be tolerated. We are pro-Military and pro-Law Enforcement. Feel free to bash lousy Healthcare Officials.


If you see a thread, or a post on the group wall needing to be removed, please tag an active ADMIN to the thread and/or report it to one of us inbox. Instructions on how to do this are located in these pinned rules and also in the comment section. Jumping on inflamed threads and arguing back and forth, or agreeing with the negativity that was posted, such as responding in their favour, or "liking" their hateful comments will result in a ban. This is noted in the rules. What we want to do when we see a negative thread, that is degrading to the group, or our Butterfly family, is to remove the thread and the poster, without causing any unnecessary stress to any of our Butterflies.

ALL AGES GROUP: We are an all ages group. Some younger persons are in the group on their own, without a parent. Any problems on either side, please contact one of us. If a child is harassing someone, or being harassed, we need to be made aware of the problem. No special privileges because you are young. Everyone follows the same rules.


We are an all ages group. We allow everyone in our group that FB allows on their site. We follow all laws and rules. If your child is not meeting the FB age standards, please be sure to accompany him/her while using our groups. We are not responsible for babysitting your child. They are more than welcome to join our group for support and understanding if they're are sick, or have sick family members or friends. They need to read the rules and follow them like anyone else, or risk being banned. There will be no exceptions given for them being young, nor for them being your child, so please govern them accordingly. Be aware that adult language is used in this group, as well as adult oriented discussions. Please mind your young children. Thank you for your cooperation.


If you ever decide to leave the group for any reason, please do so silently. We do not need your resignation.


Do not come into our groups and post threads asking the entire group to add you to their friend lists. Random friend requests raise suspicion and will get you banned. If you do not know the people you are trying to add or ask specific people first, we consider this harassment of our members and will assume you're trying to scam our Butterflies.


We no longer allow any fundraisers, or % fundraisers. We have nixed this due to abuse and scams. Sorry. Posting links to any fundraisers, including legitimate ones will result in a ban. No exceptions to the fundraising rules.


Ask an admin for permission, before posting anything on the wall notifying, or inviting people to a walk, or an offline event. If you are granted permission to post any of these things, no mention of money can be mentioned. Only the reason, time, date and place can be posted. It must be for a legitimate charity and funds must go directly through that charity and not your own hands. Feel free to post photos of walks you've been in, or photos of your teams getting ready to walk.


No photos, or links to INSPIRED SILVER JEWELRY. We have had too many complaints and it has sparked ugly battles on the wall in the past. We know this is a touchy subject, as some of you have received their items as gifts. We are trying to protect our family members. Those photos and links will be removed and if repeated, you will be banned. Thank you for understanding.


Photos and links to awareness items are allowed for WELL KNOWN COMPANIES, except for those on the BLACKLIST. Any awareness items posted, cannot be for the profit of group members, or their family/friends. You cannot sell them in this group, or mention that you, or your family/friends have items to sell. Also, no 3rd party sales, whatsoever in any of our groups. This means "representatives" of "distributors" selling things listed in another section of these rules, such as Mary Kay, Avon, or Shaklee, etc..

* Blacklisted and not allowed in our groups: Inspired Silver

* Warning for risk, but allowed in our groups: Tee Spring


If someone you know has been banned, DO NOT message us. They can message us themselves, if they choose. We will not respond to you concerning someone else's status with the groups. You will be banned for involving yourself in someone else's business. We may not even respond to them, depending upon what they have done. We will not speak with aggressive, hateful people. If you fill our inboxes with hatefulness, you will be ignored and reported. When a person is banned from one of our groups, they are no longer welcome in any of our groups, or on our pages. To come back under other accounts will be considered stalking and harassment and reported to FB and/or your local Law Enforcement Agency.


Please do not post on behalf of banned members, or you risk being banned. Banned members are banned for a reason and they no longer have a voice in this group. Do not allow them to get you banned playing messenger for them. It is very selfish of them to put you in that position. We do not want these people in our family, nor do we want others leaving their thoughts on our wall.


We are an all ages group and some language is tolerated. (We are all suffering and get angry from time to time with these diseases, but harsh, porn-type language is not tolerated at any time. We have younger members and some of our adult members do not want to hear a load of mess either. If it starts with a C , P, D or a T do not use it. We do use the S word and F word, so if you cannot handle the venting, this may not be the group for you. We ask that all persons please use discretion and try not to overdo it.


Bad behaviour and bullying will not be tolerated EVER. If you have a bad attitude and cannot get along with the other family members, do us all a favour and leave. Bullying is unacceptable in any form. Name calling, racist nonsense, political discussions, religious wars and anything of the like are forbidden in our groups.


Do not challenge the rules of the group or the creators, managers, or admins decisions. Doing this will result in you being banned. The rules were not written over night. They were written as random persons come into the group and give to us reasons to add these rules. If something upsets an active family member, we will do all we can to prevent this from happening again. The rules are in place for a reason. If you do not agree with them, or do not wish to follow them, please exit the group.

If you all ever need us, do not hesitate to inbox one or more of us and/or tag one, or more of us by name on a thread you need help with. We will handle any issues asap. Instructions should be in the comments section of this thread.

We update the rules, as needed. Please keep yourself informed by at least reading these pinned rules if they have been updated. Circumventing rules is the same as breaking them and you will be banned. Our groups are moderated for everyone's safety and peace. While we cannot insure a completely drama free, perfect group, we do our best to keep the mess to a minimum. We have a few basic rules of etiquette, which are mostly common sense. While you are a member of this group, you are forbidden from blocking any of our admins. If you are caught, and you will be caught, pulling this type of nonsense, you will be perma-banned. If you wish to fly under the radar, please seek a group that is not moderated. Once you're removed you cannot come back into the group. You can also contact one of us if you have questions, or concerns. There is no excuse to break our rules. Thank you.

~Chérie Antoinette and Nicole Amara~


Creators, Managers and Administrators:

[1]Chérie Antoinette (Creator)

[2]Nicole Amara (Co-Creator)

[3]Anthony Denslow (Manager)

[4]Masakazu Ōnishi (Administrator)

[5]Barb Miller (Administrator)

[6]Sharlene Macey (Administrator)

[7]Lizz Rose (Administrator)


Please do not send to us friend invites. We do not need to be on your friend list to answer your questions, or to help you. We do not accept any random friend requests. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

  ~ Cherie Antoinette & Nicole Amara ~


These rules are copyrighted and you DO NOT have my permission to use them in any way, shape or form for your groups or pages, etc. You also do not have any right to copy and share them outside of this group. I cannot believe this even has to be mentioned. I am becoming really irritated with people stealing my thoughts and words off of graphics I have decorated with my thoughts and my rules and using them as their own. I will report you to Facebook and I will also file a copyright suit against you. When you steal someone else's creativity and use it for your own, this is disgusting and wrong. It feels like I have been violated. ~Chérie~


Butterflies Groups and Pages:

[1]Butterflies - Lupus Survival Group rvivalGroup/

[2]Furry Soulmates - Pet Parents Discussion Group

(Pet parents group for fun, discussion, sharing, and support.)

[3] Underneath it all - Hypoglycemia & Hypokalemia Support Group

(Hypoglycemia, Hypokalemia, Electrolyte issues.) poglycemiaHypokalemiaSupport/

[4]Butterflies - Lupus Survival Community Page

(Informative page with articles and graphics for all persons with emotional and physical health issues.) ommunity


[✔]Lupus, Pregnancy and Motherhood

[Created by Lizz Rose and not managed by Butterflies.]

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