Can I get some advice for a friend in SC She just found a deer tick biting her...

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  • I would have the tick tested and monitor the baby for symptoms. 2 weeks seems so tiny for such meds.

  • Test tick and until comes back monitor baby closely! Scary

  • Agree with Elaine!

  • As long as the mom is healthy I would also say keep up the breast feeding and don't do formula if possible! I remember seeing that on another site.

  • Thank you guys! She is breastfeeding exclusively and I recommended she load up on vit D3.

    An herbalist she knows recommended Cowden protocol to her. That seems strong/possibly unsafe for an infant. Any thoughts on that?

  • If she decides to treat, She needs to work with a doctor that knows babies and lyme. Keep in mind allot of ticks this time of year are tiny and are mistaken for deer ticks. Also, not all deer ticks carry lyme. If baby in non symptomatic I wouldn't panic just yet.

  • Really at 2 weeks I'd be very cautious of any treatment. Just so little yet...

  • I just listened to a brilliant doctor and he said body bio herbals for kids, they are not as strong as Cowden or by Ron white herbsls

  • may I ask where to get these?

  • Who was the doctor who recommended body bio herbals?

  • They don't use Doxy on kids under 10. They only use two abx on kids. I can't think of them right now. Is mom breastfeeding? MOm could take Andrographis. This is the herb that docs are recommending for acute and preventative for Lyme.