Can any members recommend a safe high blood pressure medication that will not...

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  • They use verapamil gel for Ledderhose and Peyronie's, zo I would think calcium channel blockers are safe. Drugs like atenolol have sometimes been implicated, it has Peyronie's listed as possible side effect. (Beta blocker)

  • Thanks Anna.

  • I have DD and cardiologist just put me on atenolol about 5 days ago. Researched it and found the reference to Peyronie's. Called Dr. Pess to get his input but he won't be back in office till Thesday.

  • I wonder if this was mentioned in our Coffee Talk on Genetics with Prof Furniss - we did talk about heart issues with DD/LD patients. Might want to read through that Coffee Talk too.

  • If not we can ask Dr Denkler at his coffee talk.

  • Thanks, Leslie.

  • I'm interested in this answer too as I have been on beta blockers for years.