bobby starting school in sept and the senco have asked me to go in tomo to...

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  • I just googled it, printed it up and used a highlighter pen to show which areas are most affected with my daughter. Make sure you keep copies to so they cant say they havent had them.

  • Thankyou googeling now. I hate googeling as i come across things about EDS that i really dont want to hear :( but want to take them something they can refer to if they need to. thankyou x

  • Try not to worry too much, not everyone has all symptoms x

  • thank you i will only read whats necessary x

  • eds org have a leaflet for teachers you can buy explaining the hurdles a child has you also need an occuapational therapy report done to high light problem areas a physio report in what your child can or cant do ie no jumping on hard surface as this impacts the joints too much, that they know everything must be paced and if possible an area where they can go to rest if they are struggling x