Bernie Mac Foundation's post to the group: Sarcoidosis for Beginners.

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  • Thank You Patricia Brooks Hart. This is one of the first things my Dr had checked when I was DX. . Thank You for sharing this important information.

  • I have Sarcoidosis in my eyes that's where mine started and I have it in both my lungs.

  • I don't have sarcoidosis of the eyes, but my vision is getting worse and worse every year. Not sure how much of it is just due to age or the affects of the disease. My ophthalmologist says not to worry since I have 20/20 with glasses, but it's still frustrating.

  • My vision is blurry and getting worse when I first got in my eyes, my eyes were red and my vision was so blurry I couldn't make out if the person in from of me was a man women, or white or black or Asian. My husband had to stay close to me.