Before I began my diet I was doing low starch no starch no dairy no nothing...

I should mention I was 275lbs, I'm now down to 228lbs. I plan on being 170lbs and pretty muscular by next year. :) I'll be 40 in September. I hope to be under 200 by my 40th birthday and in great shape by 41. I want the last half of my life to be pain free and healthy for as long as possible.

If you have no weight to lose, don't worry. When fasting, your body will adjust naturally. But you do have to survive the 5 days, the mimicking diet will help with that. If you're getting 40g of protein mostly from plant sources per day, you have nothing to worry about. That's 2 vegansmart drinks a day, with fruits and vegetables on top of that. It makes getting through the day a JOOOOKE!

I plan on getting new blood tests done to see how much I have reduced the CRP and RF in comparison to when I was very bad just over 2 months ago to share the progress with you.

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  • I guess it really depends on each person.... An animal-protein-based diet is what works better for me, including eggs and most dairy products, especially yogurt... Starchy vegetable protein kill me, as well grains and cereals in general and fruits such as bananas and plantains.

    In my experience, everyone should find what's better for him or her. There are only a few foods that really do well for almost everyone, turmeric is the best example.

    Your advice is wonderful for those who feel bad eating animal protein and dairy.

  • Yep, this would be for someone overweight. What will happen when I am in shape?? I hope it's just a normal life.

  • Amen.

  • Great post and congratulations!! I was having terrible inflammation but eliminating dairy stopped it, same with animal. My daughter is entirely vegan (with AS) and I'm incorporating more vegan meals into my diet. It helps!!

  • Hi Sam, need to ask you a personal question. Apart from the skeletal problems did you have trouble with leaky gut. I have had issues for 6months now and at the point where I just do not know what to do next. Really fed up with trying different things and getting no where. Could you send me a list of the veg you do eat as I have stopped eating so many I feel lost. Do you eat raisins / sultanas? Great inspiration. Thank you.

  • Yes...

    I used everything mentioned above sulforaphane, resveratrol, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin d3 all help with your gut. Take these!! Plus the high fiber diet I mentioned feeds beneficial bacteria which then feeds on bad bacteria. Sulforaphane and resveratrol kill bad bacteria. Collagen helps the stomach lining as well.

    Two other things that help are bone broth and l-glutamine. These should be added for 6 months to a year.

  • Yes, I agree... I don't think I could handle totally vegan but I am very close to it! My whole life changed when i added more vegetables and fruit.

  • Woop woop!!

  • I am so glad!

  • You rock!

  • Inspiring!

  • That's really interesting Sam West although I don't know if I could live on what you're eating! Makes me wonder if reducing the animal protein actually reduced the amount of uric acid in your body which is what helped. Do you find you can maintain your iron levels on that diet? as the veggies alone don't have that much iron. Do you ingest this CBD oil? It's not allowed in the UK, I wonder if I ordered some if it would be confiscated :(

  • Yeah, iron isn't much of an issue for me. For women is may be an issue! Iron levels for me are always pretty high even if I don't eat much meat. I take cbd oil but honestly it's not a requirement. It very slightly helps with inflammation but helps with my mood more to keep me happy and motivated. :) it's legal here in the USA. I can't believe it's still illegal after all the proof out there. But what can ya do? Corporations profit big when you can't treat yourself with a plant.

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  • Wow well done and thanks for sharing! You have inspired me!!