Been in and out of Lewisham hospital since Tuesday the 18th and I must say I am...

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  • May I ask what department? I understand if you don't want to say.

  • I'm an open book :) i'm under the ENT but currently in the HDU because of a complication with my second post tonsillectomy

  • Ent at Lewisham is amazing my daughter is under them x

  • They have been absolutely fantastic, i've seen the while team where i've been in three times now and have presented as a rare case! They're there within seconds and all so lovely and listen - not many listen x

  • They treat my daughter the same she is deaf and has tmj dysfunction and hypermobility ☺ she's a rare case as well as there is not many of u in this area x

  • Bless her

  • First time I've read about someone else who is rare like her in our area x

  • Me too actually! In actual fact i've never met anyone else with EDS - so glad this group is here x

  • Well u never know u could poss meet up with my daughter as u have alot in common x

  • That's good to hear as I've had bad experiences there with gynea and orthopaedic for hip. But good for other things.

  • Sorry to hear that! I must admit, some of the nursing staff on wards seem like they're on another planet but generally had a good experience x

  • Yeah that would be nice - i'm away for the rest of the year in a few weeks so after the new year perhaps :) x

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz It was mostly to do with nursing staff and policies. But also consultants. But as I have said other departments have been fine.

  • Yeah I can see what you mean, i find that there's a few staff on every ward who just do sweet f-a but fingers crossed it's not a long stay and I hope you don't need a long stay either xx