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  • Thanks for posting this on the SSF group Betty, I would not have known.

  • No! We need privacy!

  • This group is completely private. I have been told this is not true.....:/ sorry for the scare. The ONLY people who can see your posts here on their newsfeed are those who are also on your friends list. I like that feature.

  • And if you do not want any of your friends to see anything in your news feed you can stop the group from posting into the newsfeed by clicking on any of the group's posts and choosing not to post into YOUR news feed.... I have made a complaint to FACE BOOK about changing the rules for these groups without notifying us anyway.......just so you know I did it on behalf of the Large Sjogrens Group not this one but I mentioned that It affected all groups

  • Thank you Luciana and Betty for overseeing our site. I am so grateful to all of you who have had a hand in this.

  • I don't do anything here I was just clairfying about it because I brought it up over there

  • Thanks for the update.