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  • Hope all goes well. Think positive!! Sending happy thoughts your way.

  • Thank you everyone, over the last 2 and a half years you have become my international family and I love you all ... I can already feel your prayers at work ... Scary thing is after all this time they have never biopsied affected tissue not once so after the chemo steroids and being harassed I will only know now after a depleted immune system and stretched body if I have PANs truly or not ... they could pull this out and have had it been something completely different and they never told me I never knew :( I am terrified you guys terrified i won't wake up :'(

  • Best of luck

  • prayers your way

  • prayers for your healing

  • Surgery went well besides coming out of anesthesia combative :-\ ... I'm sore but not in pain, now we wait on the biopsy!

  • Hey Corey, so glad you came thru it all okay. Hope the biopsy will give you some helpful information.

  • Corey....good...heal, heal, heal....

  • Get well! I hate the affects of anesthesia! After my lung surgeries it seems to take a month to recuperate!

  • prayers and hugs