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  • CessPoolOxford News The lady animal control officer was let go without further comment and the guy taking over will run 3 towns, so he will probably have little time to bother you.

  • So Michelle Perry you cannot have roosters in your town?

  • No I think you have to have a certain amount of land....I might be wrong..If I could I would have one just to piss the neighbor off..HAHAH! I am afraid to dig into the rules to much in case they come and do a drive by to check....they will have to check the zoning etc to give me an answer..Maybe I should have you call..LOL

  • There was one rooster in this neighborhood, and it caused quite a stir, the animal cntrl lady came and took it, I waved my fist pleading to save the Rooster! So yeah no, we cannot have Roosters, it is totally sexual discrimination I know!

  • OHH But there are guineas down the road so I would say my females are ok...right

  • shhhhh, you know nothing about the Guinea hens! LOL!

  • I would bet the ladies will be fine, unless the new animal officer does not know anything in which case I will take him on, even though I don't know anything, lol.

  • HAHAHAHAH!!!!! you want to the roosters for your neighbor..LMFAO!

  • NO!

  • Ummmmm why not!!! Can i come let them loose over there???? U won't hear a thing!! ;)