Anyone s child have a 504 I know it would be unique to each individual child...

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  • This is a great question!! Ashley Brown we had it so he only have it so he only has to do the "necessary" writing assingments, but we are trying to make it so he can do everything on the computer, but this is not so easy, they no longer teach typing in school, so he is trying to learn to type as well as complete all of the assigned works. We were told to look into a program called co-writer with the dragon speak option. We didn't get co-writer (wishing we had) but we did get the Dragon speak, again this is a hard program for this age (our son is 8.) If anyone has ideas to this topic I think there are many of us working through this.

  • This is a pretty good program:

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I will look into it. Thank you

  • Diana.. Courtney had a scribe too when she needed it, also took oral tests...

  • she had 7 fractured or broken wrists... between the ages of 18mos and 14

  • This is a site that has important info. I hope it helps. The article is: Why and How to Read your Child's IEP.

  • ^the ncid address isnt working for me :(

  • Ashley, for some reason I can't seem to open the site for www, That only thing I can think of is to friend ANDY IMPARATO on FB. He is an aid to Senator Harken who does a lot of pro disability work. I know Andy will friend you, as he gets lots of friends requests. If you go to his FB page, and scroll back about three "see more" pages you will see "Why an How to Read Your Child's IEP" if you click on that way, it will take you right to the site. I'm sorry this is so convoluted, but the site has a lot of info on 504/IEP. Let me know if this helps.

  • Boy, do I feel like a complete idiot! The email address is NCLD, not NCID, as I read it. I am so sorry! Go to WWW.NCLD.COM for the article. The organization is the National Center on Learning Disabilities. The information applies to all disabilities.