Anyone have experience of toddlers with tics My sons 15 months now and since...

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  • My sons had his tics scince he was three months old, hes now nearly 7 and was only disgnised with motor tic disoreder 18months ago, my advice would be to video his tics as much as you can, they look repetitive movement that are continuous in our case my son also has weeks were he doesn't do them then they come back full force with a new one added x

  • My older brother has always done that, but he always coughs as his head goes back go normal as part of it, and rests his chin on his fist.

    He does it when stressed or anxious, like when watching football !

    We think he has Aspergers though but not formally diagnosed.

  • My son has a tic disorder, diagnosed when he was 8. He's 10 now. I filmed it on my phone and showed gp and insisted on a referral. Don't take no for an answer. Looking back, he'd had tics since he was a baby.

  • For 2 years I fought with consultants who said my daughter has a tic. I told them numerous times that she was in control of the neck jerking as she was doing it to relieve her neck getting tight (cramps). After 2 years a physio noticed that Taylor's neck muscles were so weak that the shoulders were doing the job of holding up the head etc. whenever Taylor would go swimming etc her 'tics' became worse so physio told her to stop all arm specific activities for 2 weeks and see if improves. Within days the 'tics' had stopped. Basically as the muscles around her shoulders and top of back are doing the job for the neck muscles too, they go into spasm when she uses her arms too much and she has to jerk the neck to release the cramps. She was in agony!

  • Thanks mamas, I have tried to film it but they aways seems to stop the moment I grab my phone! Hes seen a chiropractor once a month since birth as when he was born he could only turn his head one way and had a lot of trouble latching to breastfeed. The chiropractor is a family friend and so knows all our history and he seems happy that Ruperts neck and shoulders are ok now but I will ask him about the tics/muscle spasms when we go next x