Anyone ever get weakness in left arm and shoulder Been having this problem for...

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  • Yes tony I have that for months now just putting up with it

  • My whole right side is week, think to do with the fusion. They did find a cyst on bottom of spinal cord so put it down to that. Do get days where both arms and legs are also week. Numbness as well.

  • yes i have this problem since more than a year,it is coz of AS sure.

  • all sorts of random aches/pains/numbness/weakness. this condition is a challenge to my sanity as much as anything.

  • You won't get any numbness in the arms unless there is damage in the cervical spine so unless there's a known issue up there I'd get it checked out. It could be a flare up?

  • I have that..can't remember what rheumy called it thoracic something..happens when I have my arms above my head..blood flow isn't good.

  • Thoracic outlet syndrome.

  • Yes that's it..

  • They haven't done anything for me yet. Doctor says it's very common for people with AS. But I am going to bring up the thoracic outlet syndrome next time I see her. Thanks for the heads up.