Anyone ever feel you can give great advice and know what to do but when it...

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  • my sis passed away with lung cancer at 41

  • ^gwynny :)

  • Yes. I am in charge of myself, but I need some extra support.

    I am doing mutiple things to work on this.

    Make lists of different things, one is to research at a later date, one is supps to try

    Also, i am studying nutrition.

    I am not giving up, and i am getting my whole household more healthy


  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I hope this does not sound too crazy, but I'm going to say it attention to what you are thinking when you smoke. If you are smoking and thinking "this is bad for me" that is a harmful thought and makes it bad for you. If you are smoking and are having positive thoughts like "this is relaxing me" that is something different. I'm not saying quit or don't quit, just pay attention to your thoughts for now, as they affect our bodies more than we realize.

  • Thank you. Oh I'm definately quitting already getting mentally prepared. I've done it for 3 months but went back due to drinking. So now can't drink will hopefully be successful. Sorry to hear about all the deaths related to smoking. Both my grandparents passed due to smoking. Thanks for all advice :) thanks wild :) I actually do have those (electric cigs) I'm going to use . Last time used gum and cinnamon sticks and went 3 months. JOEY: yes!!! I have that book and think its AMAZING!! I read it actually when craving one or continue to read when I stopped. Best book out there for smokers!!!! Thanks for reminding me of it :)

  • Can someone tag joeys name on that so he sees it?? Thank you (can't tag on iPod) :(

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzGregor, see above comment from Randy Garvin about the book.

  • Oh ya i know i should eat better and no sugar and i mess up basically everyday.

  • Just a reminder, Randy Garvin, this Joey is a she.

  • Sugar makes my body ache. So many of the lifestyle changes come down to: change or pain. I choose change. Good luck all!