Anyone any tips for what I can do to stop my legs jumping throughout the night

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  • Thanks Karma, im reading up on it now. I may sound silly but thought I was going away in the head. The yoga sounds intriguing

  • I'm goin through the same thing and I'm only 10 weeks. Ugh. Water does seem to help me

  • Hi kat, I feel sry for you. How do you manage to sleep & cope with it? If you don't mind me asking. I've found myself in tears the past 4 nights, out of frustration x

  • Hi Melina yes I use pillows between my legs & lie on my left side. It is like cramps then as if pins are randomly being stuck in my legs, feet & even thighs. Thank u x

  • Thanks Melina, nothing else I can do at 3 in the morning, except keep fingers crossed il eventually sleep. Thanks for all the help everyone xx

  • From what I understand, there is far more blood in your body when you're pregnant squishing through the blood vessels and the feelings are the internal parts of you growing to compensate for this. Kind of like the itchy skin that comes with weight gain, but you can't scratch it inside you like we can for skin.

  • Hi Hayley, love I swim for a few hours and go for a walk before bed and USUALLY I'm ok. Last night, I wasn't though :-/ I'm sorry love x

  • Hi Hayley - I had "restless legs" before pregnancy but they were way worse during. I would get up and do loads of stretches and my husband would massage and pummel the insides of my legs - it was like he was hitting the nerves. Sounds weird but it worked quite a bit. If it helps, it eases after pregnancy...

  • Eat bananas, the potassium always helped my legs.

  • Thank you both il try everything & anything xx