Any thoughts 11 yr daughter has Chiari and had tethered cord release already

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  • My son does that with pain. I have yet to figure it out. However, if his head is hot to the touch and he's either a low temp or 99ish, I know it's his head hurting. He also gets very agitated and won't sit down or still.

  • Umm, I just saw your name. Lol

  • I love you and Super Thomas!!

  • Has she seen anyone at sibley here in town? That's his cardiologist.

  • We love you!!

  • She is pitiful I am in tears I am so frustrated and I don't know when to just go and deal with the money and crap later or wait the pain out and let her rest. I have fought for years with it myself and I have to just wait since I am always "making this crap up" since you can't see it. I hate this

  • Have you talked to dr Heger's office yet?

  • They need a referral from her pcp, but that's all. They got him as in very fast.

  • Only to have the meds they tried to help with "childhood migraines" -ok by dr to prescribe- which did not help at all. But no she hasn't for anything else. I am debating on calling pediatric associates and seeing who is there today

  • We just got the referral for Momo not Emi to Heger and I am thinking going to pediatric dr today will push faster for emi too

  • Call, is that who you use? Dr butler referred us to dr Heger and I got an appointment within hours of her sending the referral. She's not there Tuesday's, but is on Wednesdays.

  • That is who we have been she knows tons on EDS thanks to all of us huh!?

  • Yes! She's great, no balking, she sends any referral we need

  • And she did her residency there and was on staff a few years, so she's a great inside source