ANCA Associated Had my pre Operation appointment today and all confirmed for...

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  • When you have nothing better to do, read about microtia rib graft: Mine was done almost 40 years ago, so the outcome isn't so great, but it's the same idea. I had a series of three surgeries. It is for cosmetic purposes, not function such as hearing was restored, but nowadays there is a lot more they can do. Apparently, that includes noses!!! Being a unicorn is good luck, so I hope that's what it brings YOU! If you feel so inclined, we'd love to see some before/after pics...

  • I had this done with goodresults where are you having yours done at? Mine was at Johns Hopkins. Good luck hope everything goes well

  • Hi Denise, Glad that you have had good results ! I'm having my surgery at Gillies Hospital in New Zealand :D.

  • Thanks for the link Audrey Galler Lopez ! That is so fascinating :)

  • do you have p anca?

  • Yes im p anca. I crushed my nose cartilage from fainting when i was sick.

  • So its unclear if im wg. But wg is more likely c anca i believe ?

  • I'm home now from the surgery. A little sore and my nose is all bandaged up. But it all went well :) I'm looking forward to getting the bandage off next week so I can see it !

  • Eventually, I will have to have my nose done (WG) and would love to see before and after pics. I'm to hear all went well ;)

  • So glad to hear it all went well, Shelley Orr Banham! Hope it's not too painful, and wishing you a speedy recovery!