After some advice please son aged 12 1 2 is very hypermobile and has huge...

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  • Hi I have a 12 yr old daughter not diagnosed hyper mobile but has the same tingling/stinging sensation then numb and falling over. It's been getting more frequent last few weeks. We have just been referred to paediatric neurology as GP didn't know what it was. Hope you don't mind me following your thread X

  • We've been referred to paediatric orthopaedics rather than neurology - can u pm me when you've been seen if they have any ideas and i will you once we have? Xx

  • Messaged you x

  • This is happening to my daughter she is 22 and has eds type 3.

  • My little girl is 3 and is hypermobile but she is so over sensitive gets stressed and cries about everything I was also wondering if it was linked x

  • Have a look into vitamin deficiencies. You get pins and needles with vitamin B12 deficiency. The rest is quite common with hypermobility. It's the pain that makes them irritable and affects their mood. My boys just turned 13 a month a go and is quite severely affected. xx

  • Has he got POTS? Xxx

  • Ive just looked that up - he does get shakes sometimes and shortness of breath when he's done minimal activity - not necessarily when he stands up tho ? X

  • Have you got a finger pulse monitor? If not get one and start monitoring! Xxx

  • ty xx

  • I had ganglions on my foot the pain was horrendus very hard to discribe mine wrapped its self aroround nerves caused pressure so much so walking flattening my foot put on shoes caused shòoting pains up my legs ... leg pa0ins from over compensating ... it was exausting ... but hypermobility can cause all this on its own xx

  • Oh and my foot was numb for 10 years only recently got feeling back xx