After long silence on my personal page one year or so I made a post to...

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  • I went to look but can't see much because of your privacy settings.

  • oh did you just go there I thought I changed well I did just about 5 mins ago

  • I just looked but I will look again ☺

  • check it out now I missed one setting my page has been shut down tight for a year

  • Thanks for your support!

  • Most recent post is from October 17th.

  • ok...not sure what to do I made everything public....

  • Yw. Of course. Facebook is a great way to get the support you need and express pent up emotions to people that understand. It does take time to learn who to weed out and walk away from and who to take the chance with. Good for you.

  • Sometimes I think it takes a little bit for the changes to reflect.

  • thank you....I think I fixed the page now...maybe

  • Lots of people do not understand. Most think it is just 30 days of abx and done.

  • yea ...that is so not the as well all here know

  • Lynn, I understand! Lyme almost killed me...was in hospital for three months...

  • And I still have never completely leaves us

  • wow...that's a long time..i hope your feeling better now?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I am better but in severe cases it never completely leaves ones system...I was bitten in Connecticut the Lyme capitol of the all began in the Town of Lyme , Connecticut