after being on prednoisne for July and August I finally tapered off last week...

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  • Yr mother was right.

  • WG I'm off prednisone and get congestion from allergies. My rheumy has be on long term antibiotic Bactrim to help prevent any upper respiratory infections and I've been on it for over a year and only one sinus infection. I'm still on it and off pred. Maybe question Bactrim as a form of defense again upper respiratory infections.

  • Prednisone is not a drug that you can take and then stop, especially if you took it for six weeks or more. You have to taper down slowly.

  • WG also tapering off preds hate being on it but what do u do its so unfair, all the best x

  • I think your mom said it right. But as much as I hated being in it (I was on it for two years, starting at 60 mg per day.) it took a LONG time for me to taper. And eventually come off it. I truly believe I wouldn't be alive today without it.

  • thanks Jennifer; I will mention Bactrim to my doctor!

  • Hang in there ...

  • It saved my husbands life. (pulmonary MPA)hard for me to hate the drug however, it has serious downsides. I can certainly understand that! Have to keep reminding hubby (he's been on pred for a year now) that there are worse downsides without it. good luck....hang in!

  • I have been on Bactrrim too for short term.

  • I've been on pred for about 3 years low 2.5 mlg I'm calling well thanks God