A question for the females Does anyone else find that when its your time of...

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  • See I'm only 22, it's stopping me working, meaning I'm not earning money, not getting any help from the government, me and my husband cannot afford to buy our own house, and we want to start a family. And due to the severity of my OA, I've been advised if I wand kids to have them sooner than later. Now I know I'm only 22 and I've got lots of time to start my family but its something I've wanted for a long time and if its better for my health to have them now then that's what me and my husband will do, once we get our own house thou xx

  • I always have so much more pain the week of my period. It seems that my OA really really hurts during that week. So much more than it normally does. :(

  • Absolutely! Ive always felt this way. I think the uterus starts to fill up with blood and inflammation and it pushes in the low back and SI joints.

  • Yes mine does

  • I have ovary cyst plus heavy bleeding one reason I couldn't get pregnant . doc gave me three choices two are not convenient constantly pregnant till menopause,menopause ,i thought my back issues were the ovary cyst pushing on nerve its not ,sometimes they do ,

  • sorry hit enter .or I go on birth control . well know my sister did well on depo prevera,so I told doc I want to go on depo even though I hate needles I have it every three months I absloutly love it but by third month the pain is coming back .it stops the period ,I have no food cravings ,mood swings ,no messy clean ups no fretting bout wearing white and I tell woman who aren't wanting kids and tired of the bleeding and worrying depo all the way .and it does help the monthly backache but unfoutunely I have oa in lower spine so im in constant ache anyway but im glad I don't usually have issues .but the depo suppost help with decrease of cyst production and unfoutunely my cyst are bleeders so they break its a brown bleed its not heavy thankgod but stink im constantly washing ,

  • but I fight less with everyone cause im not pmsing I chose the needle cause I would forget at that time to take pills I use to take bc pills but I would forget .so with needle book three months and then one needle and no worries I have no children would love to have a baby but been trying and doctor thinks the cysts have something to do with it and unfortunely the systems of cysts are alike like early pregnancy nausea and vomiting .so I would get all excited even argue with doctor and no im not pregnant .it was a fertility doc told me its the cysts I still get nausea and sometimes get sick .I just wish they take the female parts out but unless your cancerous they don't remove anything especially of childbearing age.

  • tiger balm has capasin and peterloem jelly it works ok ,I used to use Watkins rub it would reactivate when body heated up first time using it my nephew was helping me move so we were achy where in small of my back I put it earlier had I thought was totally gone but going thru door my nephew put his hand on small of back and it reactivated I was sold. used to get in shoppers drug mart but they discontinued it .ive tried deep heat and volterin nothing I tried my ladys a535 arthritic cream it does the same thing as Watkins but expensive its 15 bucks but wrks

  • Hi I'm new to this group and oa in my knee.... I thought you were supposed to rub cold on the knee not hot? X

  • Cold makez it worst but yeah heat is my best friend