A little success story I m from Spain and live in New York I ve been...

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  • Yes I will wonder that as well I don't get near his car sick as I used to and neither do my kids that are prone to that

  • The car is still a problem but only if I try to text or read something while my husband is driving. Maybe a few more months into the protocol that will change too

  • Congratulations! So happy you are enjoying life!! Big hugs!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wonderful! Leslie Adler FYI

  • Amen!!!!!

  • What part of the protocol made the biggest difference do you think? What are you taking? My moms vertigo is getting worse by the day.

  • I'm not sure because this was not one of the symptoms I was trying to get rid of (I was so used to it that it felt normal to me). Before my trip to Spain I was taking 2oz Aloe, PQQ 20mg, 1000mg D-Ribose, Custom probiotics and 1/2tsp DE. I had less subluxations but pain was still an issue. During the 6 weeks I was in Spain I increased DE to 1 and 1/4tsp, and I introduced Maitake and Lions Maine. I also started taking Bosmeric (a blend of Curcumin, Boswellin,Ginger and Black pepper extract). I feel better now than when I left 6 weeks ago.

  • Wonderful!!!

  • That's wonderful! Congrats!

  • I was kinda guessing that reduced pots may play a factor in motion sickness reduction for myself and daughters