A few weeks ago my daughters and I were watching Superbook on Saturday morning...

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  • Yup! Just do it!

  • Your job today?

    Read Job!

    No coincidences here.

  • it will help you understand and change your perspective on suffering????and a Holy and Loving Righteous God <3

  • A lady from church recommended job 4 me yesterday

  • I don't understand why we all "have to be tested" wasn't it enough to test Job?

  • I still haven't finished it yet. I'm planning on it right now, in fact. I'm sure there is something for me to learn in there. Before I got sick and really started getting closer to God, my views and understandings were totally off. I didn't understand God's forgiveness and that He doesn't punish us with sickness. I thought some things were too bad to be forgiven. I was a mess, and I went to church my whole childhood and private school!

  • 4 increased faith I hear