A few months ago the Sarcoidosis support group started a YES I CAN campaign on...

SAMANTHA PHILLIPS (high school student Grade 11)- a young lady with a dream: She said, “My desire to reform the way that injuries and illnesses are treated is influenced by my experiences in the medical setting as a sarcoidosis patient because I refused to give up. And I have decided I never will.”

please contact me to discuss your receiving this award.

She was too young. She qualified in every other way. Her very presence caused me to question our entire process. Sarcoidosis was not a respecter of age, why was I being a respecter of age? Sarcoidosis attacks all areas of life, why was I being limited in my mindset? This will be our first and possibly last $1500 scholarship. We will experiment with the giving of $120 grants once a month. The funds will be available to people of all ages, areas of life as the funds are made available to us. The funds are to be used for a “lifelong” learning experience.

THE THIRD WINNER OF COURSE IS US! We are now a part of history declaring not only does sarcoidosis exist but we exist and we are taking a stand to challenge it. We not only want a cure we want to care.

Please consider now how you will join us in the YES I CAN!

Carl DeLine

Group Administrator

Tuesday April 25, 2017

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