10 years ago when I was diagnosed with wegeners I had a goiter that grew when...

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  • Back in the late 60's early 70's I was experiencing a thyroid storm. Drs were treating my symptoms , never checking my thyroid. I was very sick. Gray skin, weight loss, not sleeping, eating constantly, drinking fluids, sweating, tremors, my eyes were so affected, exopthalmosis , I still deal with, I went to the hospital in a coma, three days, doc decided to check my glands, my goiter was huge. My heart rate was over160 but, BP was high. The doc started me on meds to get me regulated. Eventually I was given radio-active iodine to stop the poisoning happening in my body. I have been on Synthroid 75mcg since. When I have a flair, it messes up but then get back to order. Glad I had this treatment as I would have passed.

    Good luck, Tina.

    Thyroid issues are difficult

  • Thanks Jane...sorry you went through all that with your thyroid. I have some of those symptoms...weight loss, tremor, not sleeping, eating constantly...high blood pressure

  • I had nodules that were checked periodically when in my 20's. They completed a needle biopsy which was benign. I had iodine treatment. Later in life I developed a goiter and they removed my thyroid in my 50's as the biopsy was inconclusive. I now take synthroid daily.